Saturday, June 12, 2010

A BIT late

Im trying to participate in Thift Shop Finds over at Sophies. I am behind a couple of weeks. I managed to get to some op shops and a garage sale. The finds are very "sewing" inspired. My favourite thing was getting a baby pair of pinking shears. Also I got some flannelette pre-cut squares and going to make a rag rug quilt with them!!!


  1. Hi Natallie, I love the daisy braid and buckles, they are very cute!

  2. Hi there, I love your pinking shears, what a great find! The buckles are snazzy too, what will you do with them? I like your blog, is it very new? Hope to see you again soon, xo

  3. An interesting collection of finds - certainly alot of inspiration for a creative seamstress there!